18″ M Performance brake system

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For short braking distances – even under high thermal stress: The 18″ brake system features ventilated lightweight sport brake discs. It features four-piston aluminium fixed-calliper brakes in front and two-piston aluminium fixed-calliper brakes in the rear. Comes in M Performance Yellow. Features the four-colour BMW M logo.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is for installation by trained technicians and not by an end user. Installation must be performed exclusively by a specialist workshop. Your local BMW Centre will be able to assist with installation.

Damage to any part due to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.


  • 18″ Sport brake with 4-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the front axle and 2-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the rear axle.

Additional Information:

Safety note:

  • The vehicle must be run in carefully during the first 200 km after the brake system has been installed!
  • After the run-in time, the braking system will have reached its full effectiveness. In view of the design feature of the drilled and grooved BMW lightweight Sport brake disks, function-related noise can be generated during braking that has absolutely no impact on the stability of the brake disks.
  • The DSC coding must be adapted to the BMW M Performance Sport brake system. The BMW M Performance Sport brake system is only approved in combination with at least 18″ aluminium wheels (including in winter)!
  • Caution: There is no matching winter tyres package available for some engine types in the 2 Series Convertible (F23)!

Technical Information:

  • Optionally available in the colour versions “M Performance Red”, “M Performance Yellow” or “M Performance Orange” including
  • coloured M logo.
  • Improved thermal capacity thanks to larger, internally ventilated lightweight Sport brake disks.
  • Reduction in the build-up of a film of water between the brake pad and the brake disk thanks to countersinks and grooves.
  • Lowweight, therefore lower unsprung masses.
  • National approval and modification of the vehicle documents is always necessary, since the brake system changes in the data relevant to the permit.

Technical Data:

  • 18″ Sport brake with 4-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the front axle and 2-piston aluminium fixed calliper on the rear axle.
  • Drilled and grooved, internally ventilated BMW lightweight Sport brake disks with riveted aluminium pot measuring 370 x 30 mm (diameter x thickness) on the front axle and 345 x 24 mm on the rear axle.


  • Yellow.

Additional required parts:

  • 2x brake shoe paste, 3 g.
  • 2x brake disk, rear axle.
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